Founded in August 2011,"Raquel Orozco" is a ready-to-wear brand with a cosmopolitan, multicultural and inclusive design concept

Each RO piece has the principles of size inclusion, zero waste, sustainability

I faithfully believe in "Slow Fashion" For this reason, I generate collections inclined towards a more detailed process, limited editions, more exclusive and timeless, taking care of the ethical conditions of each one. Along with my work team; we leave our heart and experience in each garment, in each collection. Each piece must have a strong dose of prominence, color, geometric shapes, but above all garments that are comfortable to wear, the responsibility as a designer is to perfectly stylize the women's body without neglecting comfort.

Fashion is a form of expression, an extension of identity, personality and empathy with oneself.

Powerful and effortlessly elegant silhouettes are vital in every RO piece.

Inspiration is everywhere, an appreciation for the beautiful things that life presents us with every day; for me it is important to get to the heart of them, to the bottom of each story to be able to transmit it in each of my collections.

Raquel Orozco