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Terms and Conditions

The following legal notice sets forth the terms of use of the web site, property rights, contents, copy rights, uses of information, contents, norms and rules of the online store, and partial information of PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. with commercial name Raquel Orozco, under the terms and conditions that the law for such effects grants and supports.
The user takes for granted his total and partial acceptance of the conditions of use, contents, information and services offered therein, in particular and in general. Access to the website is the responsibility of the user, access and navigation being completely free of charge. The use of the website is limited to informative, cultural, artistic, dissemination, entertainment and commercial purposes in the case of its online store. (See section Online Store), which the user understands when making use of it. The use of partial content is limited to reading, dissemination between individuals, so it is strictly forbidden to copy, total or partial reproduction and republication by any other physical or digital means, without prior consent, as well as the attempt to hacking, spam, malware and blackhat, being these an illegal act, which if committed, you will be punished under the laws in force, before the courts that apply. The website and its contents may be shared freely, as long as they are not used for purposes of moral or ethical damage, in case of being committed will be submitted to the relevant authorities for appropriate sanction that warrants the case. The website is for public use, recommended for people over 15 years of age, therefore, the user has free access to all content, without limitations, except in the case of content for business use, directed to a particular person, or online purchase. In these cases, user data will be requested to control access (See Online Store section). Access to the website and use of the same may be made by any user, without any discrimination or age limit, except as mentioned above. The website may or may not make use of cookies which we use to personalize and enhance your experience. In the case of online store your session will be authenticated by means of advanced SSL protocols for the protection of your data, purchase and navigation. Therefore, this is how this information is attached and under the requests and requirements that the law for such purposes granted.
The content shown in the web site is the sole property of "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V; or of third parties that have transferred such content or are with free use rights, which at all times is expressly made the ownership of such content. The content of third parties (photographs, notes, names, logos, slogans, images and material in general) are the property of their respective owners, who have all their intellectual and commercial property rights, which are registered and reserved legally. Under no circumstances is the reproduction or distribution of content of any kind of third party poured into this website allowed (See previous point) without the consent of their relevant owners and notification of the same. The total and partial own content (photographs, editorial, names, logos, slogans, images, iconographies, characteristic signs, brandings, trademarks, videos, designs, names, texts, applications, typographies) are of exclusive and only property of "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. that for such effects has developed, elaborated, or acquired, which are strictly prohibited its copy, distribution, plagiarism, and use out of this web site, that in case of being committed, such facts will be submitted before the competent authorities and before the court of justice that the jurisdiction marks for such effects. The distribution of partial content is limited in nature (See section on Access and use of the website). Anyone who violates these terms, without prior authorization, will be brought before the competent authorities for the corresponding sanction. The distribution of the contents can be made between individuals freely, as long as this is not used for purposes of damage of any kind or profit. As expressed in point number 1. The content may be for commercial use and distribution, this in the case of online store or that the content is for such purposes and is expressly set out in that way. All content is strictly forbidden to be reproduced in any other website, magazine or media, without prior consent of "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. It is forbidden the total or partial reproduction of the website, names, contents and designs, as well as changes or affectations to these without prior authorization from the legal representative. In case of committing the above will be executed the legal measures for such purposes provided by the court of law according to the corresponding jurisdiction. "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. carries out a constant monitoring of the web site and its contents, to avoid errors, copies and external malware, therefore "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. is not responsible for affectations of any kind that may occur during the use, reading and visit to the web site and / or contents. The user will have to provide personal information such as full name, telephone, sex, date of birth, email address, this in the contact forms, newsletter form and online store (See section Online Store), which are of free decision by the user. By doing this, the user gives understood his agreement, this data may or may not be used by "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. for quality service purposes. The data obtained from these forms are confidential, which by means of the present, the protection of the same is expressed, which are under control, and under no reason will be propagated, distributed or altered for any purpose. In the case of subscription to newsletter, you understand that the data provided are true and that "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. may use them for purposes of dissemination of advertising and content via email to the address you have subscribed. The data are considered confidential, therefore the protection of the same is implicit, and under no reason will be propagated, distributed or altered for any purpose. If you wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter and the database, you may do so by sending an email to informing of this situation. All the content is under the legal norms and terms, being that it does not harm morals, good customs, does not affect public order and does not incite hatred or other negative or illegal attitudes. "Raquel Orozco "PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. may modify, delete, change, update any content posted on the website without prior notice and at any time. The total and partial own content (photographs, notes, write-ups, names, logos, slogans, images, iconographies, characteristic signs, brandings, trademarks, digital copies, videos, designs, names, texts, applications, among others) are of exclusive and unique property of "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S. A. DE C.V., that for such effects has developed, elaborated, or acquired, which are duly and legally registered, being these under the sole and exclusive property of "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. and its legal representative. The links or also known as links poured on the website are considered safe, which have been tested prior to their placement, this in order to provide security to the user. Under no reason "Raquel Orozco "PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. grants license or right to the user to make commercial use or copy of any own or third party content.
Access to the online store, viewing, and interaction with the products is free of charge, as is the rest of the website. However, misuse, copying, plagiarism, are strictly prohibited, and if committed, a judicial report will be issued to the appropriate authorities. In order to make and then immediately complete a purchase within the online store, personal information will be required, such as full name, telephone number(s), email address, age, date of birth and delivery address. Financial information will also be required in order to process your payment and complete your purchase. This information will be related to your payment method, which, depending on the method you choose within our checkout, will be the information requested, which may be your card number, cardholder name, expiration date and security code. This information, at all times will be strictly confidential information serving only to complete your transaction within the online store, which is supported by the method you choose and the https protocol. Also, for your security and peace of mind, within the purchase and information request area, the page is encrypted under SSL certificate with a verifiable international firewall and security signature. After you enter your data in the product/item form and click on "buy", you will be directed to a new page, where the total cost with shipping will be shown, and where you can select from several payment methods, which are shown at all times, in this order: PayPal and credit or debit card payment. Within the online store, you will be able to select and display our items individually for your convenience and understanding. The photographs of each product may be enlarged for proper viewing and appreciation, and thus accept the product you are purchasing. At the side of each garment, the price per piece is shown, without shipping charge, which is generated once the purchase process is initiated. You will find a description of the materials, composition and care. The availability of each garment (stock), is in real time, so as not to affect your purchase decision, showing products that are in stock only. You will be able to buy as many times as you wish, repeating the purchase process as many times as you wish and/or it is necessary. All garments (products) found in the online store are new.

Our complete legal information about our company is shown in the invoice you receive by e-mail once your purchase is completed.


After entering your data in the product form, you will enter a page where you can choose any of our payment methods. (See previous section). Shipping rates are expressed at the time of the purchase transaction, which are based on the costs that the courier handles. Raquel Orozco is not responsible for delays in delivery if the parcel service has problems in fulfilling the same, however constant contact will be maintained with the parcel and the order is monitored until delivery, and in case of delay or setback you will be notified of it. In order to deliver the product to the address of your choice, it will be necessary for the person receiving the product to show official identification (voter's credential, passport, applicable immigration form (if applicable) or driver's license).

arallel to your transactions within the online store, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase at the time of completion of the same, both from us and from the payment method-payment gateway you have chosen, confirming your accreditation/processing status. Also when your order has been shipped, a refund or a purchase cancellation is generated.


PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V., "Raquel Orozco", as well as the design of the web site, contents, banners, headers, typography are registered trademarks and contents, as well as their slogans and logos. Of which we reserve all its rights, being thus prohibited its total or partial reproduction, and in case of committing it "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. will raise legal charges before the competent authorities, and the corresponding jurisdictions. Any change or modification to this privacy notice and legal notice, will be communicated by email and / or web address PAR DE MENTES S.A. de C.V. with trade name Raquel Orozco, is a company incorporated under the laws of Mexico with registered office in Emilio Castelar N.227, local B, Colonia Polanco Chapultepec, Delegación. Miguel Hidalgo, zip code 11560, Mexico, Distrito Federal. Thus, all the above points and clauses that make up this legal notice are attached and under the rules and terms of the laws in force both of the WIPO (World Intellectual Protection Organization) signed in Geneva on December 20, 1996, which supports the copyright on computer programs, compilation of data, copyright, distribution rights, rental rights, and right of communication to the public, as well as the Federal Copyright Law in its Title I, sole chapter, Article 1 and 3, and Article 1 and 3, and the Federal Copyright Law in its Title I, sole chapter, article 1 and 3, and are based and subject to the current legislation of Mexico City, as well as the jurisdiction of the relevant courts of each country, being that in this way it is accepted and understood that the parties involved in the use of both the website and the media and its brands and contents, expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submitting directly to the Courts of Mexico City and federal laws. "Raquel Orozco" PAR DE MENTES S.A. DE C.V. and its affiliates exercise their intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law.

In case of questions about the legal notices previously expressed, you can contact us by e-mail at

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